Musical concepts covered in the elementary curriculum:
         * rhythm          * melody          * form
                * harmony        * tone color
    Students have opportunities to:
         * sing - unison, rounds, partner songs
         * play instruments - recorders, melody chimes, rhythm 
              and Orff instruments (i.e. xylophones, glockenspiels)
         listen - music by composers from all musical periods
         * move - folk dances, singing games
         * create - melodies, accompaniments, movement
    Group performance opportunities include:
    *Melody Chimes
    *December Holiday Assembly
         Children in the Worcester music room learn about the elements of music through activities that are based on the principles of three major music educators - Orff, Kodaly, and Dalcroze. The goal of music education, in the words of Kodaly, is to "help music belong to everyone."