• Kids Against Crisis 



    Kids Against Crisis’s mission is to support those less fortunate within our community.

    Our support comes in many different forms such has volunteering

    with younger students,collecting supplies, donating supplies to

    various community organizations and so much more!



    Our club meets on Tuesdays in A207


    KAC members working with local elementary students   KAC members working with local elementary students   Winter Craft making with local students

    Winter Craft!      


     Club meetings on Tuesdays!


    Google classroom: zofmlf


     Co-Presidents – Claire Tsa and Eve Neider
    Head of Fundraising- Preet Bhoiwala
    Craft Organizers- Tam-My Pham and Claire Chen
    Head of Publicity and Communications- Yanci Rodriguez and Raina Yeager

    Club Sponser: Jenna Wetzel